Welcome to Suzuki Piano!

Each lesson consists of repertoire review, posture, activities such as body staff, cards and board games, singing, solfege, conscious listening, imitation, body percussion, and other form of musical education.

I truly believe in Suzuki Philosophy that if you create the right environment and circumstances, most people can learn to play an instrument .

Once a Suzuki student - always a Suzuki student.

With that, I ask every parent/caregiver to play an important role in the student's musical education for creating an environment such as: 

  • playing the recordings while child is playing, reading, or in a car ride. 
  • Be a cheer leader / home teacher 
  • support your child's practice everyday. 

Once you become a studio student, there is an extensive lending library of music games - families are welcome to lend one at a time for at home musical fun.

Lesson locations are:  

  • Sacred Heart Cathedral on 4th & Steele in Whitehorse on Fridays.
  • Marsh Lake Community Center lessons are on Sundays and if you are interested in this program, please contact marshlake@gmail.com

Online lessons are more flexible, please fill the contact form if you are interested. 

Registration Fee: $30 per student per school year

30 minutes Lesson Fee: $540 (for 12 sessions)

45 minutes Lesson Fee: $810 (for 12 sessions)

60 minutes Lesson Fee: $1,080 (for 12 sessions)